T-Mobile Tuesday 2/2/2021: Free Redbox, Flower Delivery Coupon & More!

T-Mobile Tuesday 2/2/2021: Free Redbox, Flower Delivery Coupon & More!

Freebie lovers, rejoice! Because, it’s T-Mobile Tuesday! And, that means free stuff! Each week, T-Mobile offers freebies and deals. They’re awesome, and they send them directly to you! To get in on this offer, customers just need to grab the free Tmobile Tuesdays app. If you’re not with T-Mobile, you can still enter to win in some of their giveaways. Keep reading to learn how it works.

This week you can grab a free disc rental at Redbox! So, it sounds like you’ll be able to choose a movie or a game to rent!
Additionally, you can get a flower delivery coupon good for $25 off and Free Delivery at Bouqs Florists. As always, you can get 10 cents per gallon of gasoline at Shell stations. There are a bunch of other savings offers as well.
So, from the looks of it, Tmobile is helping you get set for Valentines Day! I mean, free movie and a bouquet of flowers? Sweet!

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Who can get free stuff on T-Mobile Tuesday?

If you have a mobile phone with T-mobile cellular service, then each week you can get freebies and deals! Because T-mobile does things differently as a whole. For example, they don’t have pricing bundles, data limits, and their loyalty program doesn’t require customers to spend money. That’s how T-Mobile Tuesday came to be. They’re thanking their loyal fans and customers in their #GetThanked T-Mobile Tuesdays. And, because of that, you can get free stuff every week with T-Mobile Tuesdays offers.

But, if you don’t have T-mobile, you can still enter some of their giveaways meant for everyone. Get the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, and Be sure to read about how in our T-Mobile Tuesdays article.

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